4 Reasons to See a Specialist About Your Foot Warts

Oct 02, 2023
4 Reasons to See a Specialist About Your Foot Warts
Foot warts can certainly be embarrassing, but if shoes and socks cover them, why worry about them? If foot warts are left untreated, they can cause many problems. Here are four reasons why you should seek treatment right away.

Warts are a common problem for many people, affecting about 10% of the population. Warts, caused by a common virus and highly contagious, can easily spread from one person to another.

While warts might seem harmless, they can cause significant problems if not treated medically. Knowing what warts look like, what symptoms they cause, and how to treat them can help you get the care you need to avoid these problems.

At Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, Joel S Segalman, FACFAS, FACFAO, and Stephen Lazaroff, DPM, FACFAS, help patients of all ages find a solution for their warts, relieving symptoms and preventing complications. Here are four reasons why you should see a podiatrist for those annoying warts on your feet.

Why foot warts happen

The human papillomavirus (HPV), a large family of very contagious viruses, are the cause of all warts, foot warts (or plantar warts). Not all strains of HPV cause warts, and some strains clear up on their own without causing any symptoms. 

Specific types of HPV cause plantar warts.The virus can be spread through contact, similar to how athlete’s foot fungus spreads. Sharing shoes, socks, or towels can spread the virus from one person to another, and contact with an infected surface (like a pool deck, locker room floor, or shower) can spread infection, too.

Our team diagnoses plantar warts through a visual exam, sometimes accompanied by a biopsy to rule out other possible issues. Following diagnosis, we treat warts using a variety of treatments aimed at relieving your symptoms, eradicating the virus, and preventing it from spreading.

Four reasons to see a specialist

Because warts are common, it’s tempting to ignore them and see if they clear up on their own. But generally, that’s not a good idea. Seeing a specialist early offers benefits, including these four.

1. Make sure it is a wart

Warts aren’t the only growths that can appear on your feet. A medical evaluation rules out other possible growths, including skin cancers that can form on the soles of your feet and even between your toes. Plus, by having your wart medically evaluated, we can ensure a treatment tailored to your needs.

2. Relieve painful symptoms

While a tiny wart may not cause symptoms initially, if it grows or spreads, you can wind up with discomfort every time you take a step. Early evaluation eliminates painful symptoms and can even prevent them from occurring in the first place.

3. Treat or prevent infection

Sometimes, a wart bleeds or cracks. When that happens, germs can get inside your foot, causing a serious infection. The risk of infections is worse for people with diabetes or compromised immune systems. Getting rid of warts early avoids these risks.

4. Prevent them from spreading

Finally, one of the most important reasons to see a specialist for wart treatment is to prevent the wart from multiplying or spreading to other areas (or other people). Warts are easily passed from one person to another and can also spread to other areas of your body. Early treatment focuses on eradicating the viral infection to prevent spreading through touch or contact.

Tailored treatment for your foot warts

If you have a wart or any unusual growth on your foot, prompt medical treatment is critical for preventing a minor problem from worsening. To learn how we can help, request an appointment online or over the phone today with the team at our Newtown and Waterbury, Connecticut locations.