Why You Simply Can’t Ignore Those Plantar Warts!


While many people do not see the unattractive bumps on the bottom of your foot, it’s still imperative that you seek proper treatment for them! Today, Dr. Joel Segalman, Dr. Stephen Lazaroff and Dr. Brittany Ciaramello at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC are sharing several good reasons why you should not wait on treatment. 

Plantar warts can take a long time to heal. While a viral infection causes plantar warts beneath the skin, in most cases, it disappears over time. However, the amount of time it takes for them to clear up can be extremely long, and in some cases, even a year or two or longer. Every case is unique, but the one common thread is that the longer you have plantar warts, the more opportunities exist for bad things to happen.  

Plantar warts can extend to other parts of your body. If you have them, it’s already a good sign that your immune system is not competent at battling the specific strain of the virus that caused it. The potential for more of them developing on your foot, or even spreading to other parts of your body increases. 

Plantar warts can be quite painful. When located in high-pressure areas, such as under your heel or the sole of your foot, plantar warts can become quite painful. And even if they don’t hurt at the moment, a day of excessive running or walking can make a noticeable difference. 

Your risk for other ailments is elevated. In some cases, other conditions can make plantar warts more difficult to deal with. These conditions include a declining immune system, which increases the chances of them spreading and remaining on your feet. They might not ever disappear on their own. 

Another is that living with diabetes often means reduced feeling in your feet over time due to nerve damage. This makes inspecting the health of your feet more difficult. Always bring any irregularity you find to the attention of your podiatrist. 

Whenever a problem progresses with your feet or ankles, addressing it sooner rather than later is always the best choice. Whether it’s plantar warts, heel pain, fungal toenails, or other nail and skin disorders, your chances of having a much easier resolution are much better. 

If you are experiencing plantar warts or any other foot issues, contact the offices of Dr. Joel Segalman and Dr. Stephen Lazaroff at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC to schedule an appointment. You can call our Waterbury office at (203) 755-0489 or our Newtown location at (203) 270-6724.