Diabetic? Protect Your Feet With These 5 Tips


Diabetes is the top reason for limb amputation in the country. Because poor circulation leads to reduced sensation and ability to feel pain, a lot of diabetics aren’t aware of foot injuries and are therefore less apt to treat the injury in a timely manner. Today, Dr. Joel Segalman and Dr. Stephen Lazaroff at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC are sharing some tips for protecting your diabetic feet. 

Many summer events put diabetics at risk for foot injuries that could lead to more serious complications, in some cases, even amputation. Here are our top tips for protecting your feet if you have diabetes. 

  1. Maintain suitable glucose levels. Diabetics should consistently maintain a glucose level lower than 126 mg/dl. You can achieve this through regular exercise and paying close attention to what and how often you eat.

  2. Always footwear. Diabetics should never walk around in bare feet, even when indoors. If you have diabetes and experience neuropathy or circulation problems when the feeling in your feet is diminished, being barefoot on a hot pavement is particularly dangerous and can cause infection and severe burns.

  3. Choose wisely. Wearing the correct socks and properly-fitting shoes is especially important for diabetics to reduce the risk of them getting blisters and calluses. One major cause for amputation is bone infection, and it is more likely to occur when bacteria are introduced deep in the tissue via a wound.

  4. Inspect your feet daily. Take a look at your feet – including your heels and between your toes - every day before you put your shoes on and after you take them off. Using a mirror can be helpful for those who cannot easily view the bottom of their feet.

  5. Visit your podiatrist regularly. During the summer, feet tend to be at a higher risk for calluses and fungal infections because of heat. If you have diabetes, this can cause dangerous complications if not treated properly. Though there are over-the-counter medications that can be used to treat these conditions, it’s always best to consult with a podiatrist who has experience treating diabetics

Follow these tips so you can enjoy a healthy summer. If you do find yourself with a sports injury, contact Dr. Joel Segalman and Dr. Stephen Lazaroff at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC immediately to schedule an appointment. You can reach our Waterbury office at (203) 755-0489 or our Newtown location at (203) 270-6724 to schedule a consultation.