6 Tips for Preventing Summer Sports Injuries


Summer is a time when more people are active outside after being indoors for the long winter months. Today, Dr. Joel Segalman and Dr. Stephen Lazaroff at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC are sharing their tips for preventing common sports injuries so you and your feet can enjoy your summer.

When the warmer weather arrives, we often jump back into sports (literally) despite being somewhat out of shape. And it seasonally results in higher numbers of injuries and, therefore, visits to the emergency room.

But participating in a contact sport isn’t the only reason you might end up at the doctor’s office this summer. Plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, tendonitis, and pulled muscles also occur more frequently as runners, and high school and college athletes start training during the warmer months for fall sports season.

So how can you prevent these injuries and still enjoy the warmer weather? Here are six tips.

  1. Stay hydrated. Hydration and a healthy diet keep muscles working efficiently to avoid secondary problems. Dehydrated muscles don’t work as well, so you’re more likely to pull a muscle or get a cramp.

  2. Warm up. If it’s your first time participating in a sport - or if you haven’t played it in a while - don’t hesitate to take a lesson. Hire a trained professional who will identify bad habits and poor form and correct you.

  3. Work out with a partner. Having a friend with you makes the sport or activity more fun. It’s important to watch out for one another and have someone who can troubleshoot improper technique to make sure you stay safe.

  4. Use the correct equipment. One of the most efficient ways to prevent injury is by wearing the correct shoes. Be sure you’re wearing a shoe that is meant for the activity you’re engaging in. Wearing cleats that are meant for soft ground while on artificial turf, or running in tennis shoes, can lead to summer sports injuries and/or chronic pain.

  5. Stay mindful. When running, stay mindful of where you run and how you run. It’s important to change the surface and find paths with different curves or hills to keep it fresh.

  6. Prepare your muscles. Another way to prevent injury is to strengthen the target muscles you’ll be using for the activity or sport you’re getting back into.

 Follow these tips so you can enjoy a healthy summer. If you do find yourself with a sports injury, contact Dr. Joel Segalman and Dr. Stephen Lazaroff at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC immediately to schedule an appointment. You can reach our Waterbury office at (203) 755-0489 or our Newtown location at (203) 270-6724 to schedule a consultation.