Treat Your Ulcer Before It Goes On The Offensive


Foot ulcers tend to effect diabetics in high numbers and appear as gaps in the skin of the foot, exposing the tender tissues. Ulcers of the foot can happen on the ball of the foot or on the big toe. Complications happen when they become infected and do not get treated. That, as you can imagine, is a very bad situation.

When the sore of an ulcer becomes infected, the infection can spiral out of control and lead to a possible amputation. Patients who have diabetes or neuropathy are at a higher risk of developing an ulcer.  A foot deformity can also be problematic because it can create a situation where the foot is more prone to developing ulcers.

Ulcer Prevention and Care

  • Check your feet for any damage to keep it from becoming infected.
  • Make sure your feet are kept clean by washing them frequently and that they are dried properly to avoid a fungal infection.
  • Participate in physical therapy to increase your circulation. This will help speed up the healing process should an ulcer develop.
  • Use medicated creams, being careful not to place large amounts in between your toes.
  • Make sure to keep open wounds sealed to protect them from contagions. An infection of an open wound on the foot is a prime starting point for ulcers to develop.

Here at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, our podiatrist, Joel S. Segalman, DPM, will utilize all possible avenues of treatment to ensure that your ulcer is managed efficiently so that your feet can stay in top health. Keep your feet healthy and contact us to make an appointment today. We have two offices conveniently located in Waterbury & Newtown, CT. Our goal is to provide you with targeted and efficient services so that your feet can be in the best possible shape and stay that way!