Plantar Warts are Not Amusing


Plantar warts are not something that’s discussed often. They are a subject that people would rather not think about because they are an embarrassing nuisance. Believe it or not, they are the result of a virus that’s easily spreadable and which takes hold through openings in the skin from wounds.

The pain caused by warts varies by person and by age. It can usually cause more pain for children, but can also do so for adults without warning. Because it is caused by a virus, it can be tricky to treat and eliminate altogether. Although they can be treated at any age, it’s the seriousness of your actions that can determine how far plantar warts can get ahold of your feet.

There are a number of treatment options that you can undertake to beat warts. They include:

  • Using appropriate medications can help to eradicate plantar warts from your feet. Since they are caused by a virus, you may need to use the trial and error treatment approach to find the method that best works for you. Medications may also have the ability to toughen your immune system allowing your body to fight off the virus for good.
  • A more serious form of treatment involves freezing warts with liquid nitrogen. This can get rid of plantar warts quickly.
  • Another method is to use laser technology to burn them from the skin.

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