Flat Feet are Not Suitable for Long-Term Longevity


Flat feet are not a clear cut foot disorder to simply fix. They can occur at a young age or at an older stage in life without warning. They can cause little to no pain or be a major source of discomfort. They happen when the arches of the foot collapse or become loose. Arches can become weak as time goes by and make the ankle weaker. This causes discomfort along the upper body.

Factors leading to the formation of flat feet include diabetes or injuries caused by blunt trauma. If children develop flat feet, there is treatment they can obtain to help sculpt the arch in most situations. If it occurs later in life, however, treatment can vary depending on the extent of its development.

Helpful tips for flat feet

  • Use orthotics to distribute pressure to the right parts of the foot to offset pain caused by flat feet. These devices can also help to provide support that an otherwise normal arch would provide.
  • Wear shoes that fit correctly.
  • Take part in physical therapy to help make the foot’s tendons stronger.
  • Lose weight.  Extra pounds place more pressure on the arch of the foot.
  • Rest your feet after long periods of exercise to prevent pain from radiating to the areas surrounding the foot.
  • Surgical procedures may be required to repair an arch that cannot be maintained through conservative treatment methods. This will help to increase foot function, decrease pain and provide lasting support through the simulation of a functioning arch.

Here at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, our podiatrist, Joel S. Segalman, DPM, can assist you and provide your arch with the stability and support that it needs. If you’re ready to move past flat feet, contact us to make an appointment today. We have two offices conveniently located in Waterbury & Newtown, CN. We strive to provide the very best podiatry services and look forward to helping your feet get their arch back in line!