Clear Toenail Fungus Fast


Toenail fungus is not something you want to get. It can be acquired from an unclean pedicure, gym locker rooms or from public pools. If you’re wondering what it is, think of you toenails having an unsightly disorder that causes them to become thick, yellow and show white spots. The longer this fungus goes untreated, the greater the chance of it becoming brittle and breaking or chipping away.

You may not realize this, but antibiotics can help to cause it since they throw off the balance of the stomach and allow for fungus multiply in an easier manner. Toenail fungus is not something you can hide easily, especially when walking barefoot. It has the unappealing stigma coupled with the risk of complications.

Fungal toenail treatment and prevention techniques:

  • Do not walk barefoot in locker rooms. Also, if you’re going to attend a public pool, wear swim shoes and wash your feet carefully after to remove any lingering fungus you may have picked up. 
  • Use medicines that have antifungal properties. These can help to eliminate the fungal infection from the body. Also, ingesting medications have a stronger effect. Although they can cause more side-effects than topical forms.
  •  Laser therapy is being used more and more to fight off fungal infections under the toenails. This form of treatment provides significant benefits without surgery with the added benefit of a shortened recovery time and fewer complications.
  • However, when all other methods do not successfully stop the infection, surgery may be utilized to completely remove the nail. This can be temporary or permanent since chemicals can be used on the exposed nail bed to prevent a new nail from growing back. The severity of the infection will dictate how invasive the surgical procedure will be.

At Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, located in Waterbury 203-755-0489 & Newtown 203-270-6724, Connecticut, our podiatrist, Dr. Joel S. Segalman, DPM, can treat your toenail fungus with a variety of methods that can help to stop any associated pain and prevent the infection from coming back. Please call our office at any of the two numbers listed above to learn more about how we can eliminate the fungus from your toenails!