Let’s Talk About Athlete’s Foot

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Athlete’s foot is something that anyone can get – not just athletes. It’s a fungal infection that can be attained when feet interact with moist areas - mainly in gym locker rooms or public pools. These conditions are also present in shoes and socks.

The fungus that causes athlete’s foot causes the skin to become red, swollen or burning and itching. It’s contagious and can be contracted by direct contact with someone who has the same fungus. As in other foot problems, the fungus that produces athlete’s foot tends to flourish in warm and damp environments and is likely to keep coming back without proper treatment.

Symptoms include itching between toes, cracked skin on the feet or discolored skin on the feet. 

Treatment for athlete’s foot includes:

  • Wearing shoes that have been sprayed with medicated powders or a disinfectant to end any fungus living within them. The spray should be wiped away to prevent additional moisture from building up in the shoes.
  • Changing your socks when they get moist.
  • Keeping your feet uncovered when home to allow them to stay dry.
  • Wearing shoes that have breathable materials that allow air to easily enter into your shoes.
  • Rotating shoe choices.  It’s a great idea to wear different shoes every other day to avoid surplus dampness from building within them.

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