Calluses Can Take a Toll


Calluses are triggered by the accumulation of dead skin that congeals on the foot. They can be helpful in theory, but they actually cause more trouble than good! Calluses develop from friction and repeated pressures to the skin. The skin responds by protecting itself from blistering.

Calluses can form after walking or running at an unusual pace, wearing bad-fitting or high-heeled shoes, wearing shoes without socks foot or from a pre-existing foot deformity. Bacterial infections may begin if there is an opening in the callus that allows for pathogens to enter deep under the skin. Calluses should not be ignored as they can potentially develop into problems that you really don’t need.

Prevention and Treatment of Calluses

  • Have a medical professional trim down the callus with a scalpel. 
  • Wear shoes that fit correctly and that do not rub against the skin in a forceful manner.
  • Wear comfortable socks.
  • Refrain from high-intensity activities and long periods of standing.
  • Soak calluses in warm water and gently file them down with a pumice stone.  This will effectively reduce layers of dead skin which make up the callus.

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