Diabetic Foot Complications


Diabetic foot complications are very serious and should be treated as such. Diabetes is a serious disease because of the way it can put your feet in danger. A minor cut can become a big deal. It can result in a nerve injury to your feet, causing sensations and feeling in your foot to become hard to detect. Diabetes can also delay the flow of blood to the feet, which makes it much more problematic for your feet to recover from an injury. The lack of feeling could mean that diabetics have no idea that their feet have become injured or are susceptible to infections. This will not be noticed during the early stages. Amputation of the infected foot may therefore become necessary.

Safe practices diabetics should take include:

  • Inspecting the top and bottoms of their feet on a daily basis.
  • Diabetics should take safeguards not to use heated products on their feet.
  • Never leave ingrown toenails or any other foot condition alone since the risk of infection greatly increases with them.

Treatment for diabetic foot conditions include:

  • Getting rid of infected skin via surgery.
  • Monitoring your blood sugar levels and taking medications that can keep those levels at an acceptable level.
  • Inspecting your feet every day and make sure they are kept clean and dry to prevent the buildup of infectious bacteria.
  • Wearing closed-toe shoes to protect the feet against heavy objects.

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