Amniotic Injections Can Remedy Foot and Ankle Complications


Amniotic Injections using stem cells are a viable alternative to invasive surgical procedures for healing injured areas of the foot. This technique is amazing since stem cells can separate into many different types of cells such as those that make-up skin, bone, blood or muscle cells. This process comes in handy when foot and ankle complications prove hard to cure with traditional treatment methods. Amniotic stem cells are sourced from the amniotic fluid and materials present in the womb of a pregnant female. Once these cells are gathered, they are later injected into injured areas of the foot or ankle to help heal areas that were thought to be unaffected by treatment. This therapy can be used for ulcers or wounds whereby a special type of tissue is used to cover the wound prior to injecting the amniotic stem cells. This remedy can relieve symptoms associated with tendonitis, arthritis or even plantar fasciitis.

Treatment with this therapy includes:

•       Injections will be given at once or over several visits, depending on the severity of the injury. Multiple injections over time will help to reduce inflammation gradually.

•       This therapy differs from cortisone injections in that it treats the root cause of the condition affecting the feet, whereas cortisone works by masking pain without the ability to help deter the condition being treated.

This form of therapy can be very beneficial for promoting healing for a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Please contact us to learn more about how amniotic injections may be a viable alternative to surgical procedures or other therapies that may not provide as lasting a result. At Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, located in Waterbury 203-755-0489 & Newtown 203-270-6724, Connecticut, our podiatrist, Dr. Joel S. Segalman, DPM, has the experience and capability to use this therapy to provide your feet with a great chance of overcoming discomfort from certain conditions for good. We recommend that you call our office at any of the two numbers listed above so that we can begin addressing your foot and ankle pain in an innovative way!