Blisters Can Do More Than Bug Your Feet


Blisters are tiny pockets packed with a liquid that can form in the upper skin sheets of your feet from friction. This generally happens from poorly fitting shoes, heel spurs or other complications that develop on your feet. If a blister breaks, it can cause infections. The liquid within blisters forms to stop contaminants from moving deeper into the wound. It may be possible to drain the blister as this will help to reduce discomfort. Blisters may appear manageable, but if you do not seek appropriate medical attention timely, the skin on it may break and increase the likelihood of an infection.

Prevention and Treatment for Blisters

  • Place bandages over your blister(s) to protect the skin covering it from further irritation.

  • Keep your feet dry to prevent excess moisture, since it can cause a higher risk of developing them. You can use medicated powders to combat perspiring.

  • Wear shoes that are relaxed and that help to prevent friction. This will be very helpful in reducing the proliferation of blisters on your feet.

  • Place foot support devices in your shoes such as orthotics to absorb pressure from the ground when you walk, so it is distributed to other parts of the feet to prevent excess pressure from being applied to a specific area.

  • Try not to stand for long periods of time on the part of your feet that have blisters.

  • You may want to have a professional medical remove dead skin so that you can reduce the pressure within the blister. It can also help to speed up the healing process so that it does not burst and cause further complications.  

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