Joint Replacement is a Worthy Consideration


Joint replacement surgery is a worthy treatment method for those whose foot or ankle joints do not function normally. These procedures, for example, can be used to replace the big toe joint when it has become inflicted with severe arthritis, causing the cartilage in that area to fade so dramatically that bones rub together without a buffer between them. Replacement of the big toe joint will remove certain bones from the joint and thereafter will supplement them with implants.

Ankle joint replacement similarly uses implants to replace your bones. It also swaps the damaged portions with artificial devices so that the ankle can be restructured in a functional manner. This surgery may sound invasive and major; however, the quality of life that they can bring to your mobility makes them worthy of consideration.

Post-surgical care:

  • Utilize the appropriate medications to prevent any infections after the joint replacement procedure.

  • Use support devices such as braces to assist with walking during the healing phase.

  • Appropriate bandaging will be necessary after surgery to prevent the chance of infection.

  • Participate in physical therapy after the replacement surgery to help make your joints strong again.

  • Wear shoes that are supportive and that produce the least amount of friction possible so that your healing joints can recover swiftly.

  • Refrain from any sporting activities or significant movement while your joints are healing after surgery. This will help to keep weight off of these joints and reduce the chances of complications.

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