Bunions Tend to Overstay Their Welcome

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Bunions have a way of lingering and becoming a nuisance in the process! Bunions form on your toes as they rub against each other, produce friction and cause the skin to act in a manner that causes their buildup. This, as you can imagine, happens more frequently when wearing shoes that are tight or that have high heels which push toes against each other even more and cause lasting pain at the same time. Bunions can also be a genetic occurrence and be caused by a predisposition to developing them due to a deformity. Bunions may form as a defensive mechanism; however, they can cause pain and problems when wearing your normal shoes.

Steps you can take to alleviate bunion pain:

  • As mentioned above, you should wear shoes that fit correctly and which stop your toes from being subject to constant friction. Shoes with soles that are not raised at the heel can help to decrease pressure on bunions and prevent toes from having pain.

  • Bunion pads fit over the pointy area of bunions and have the effect of reducing pressure on the bone and bunion at the same time.

  • Take medications such as anti-inflammatories to reduce inflammation resulting from bunions.

  • Bunion surgery could become necessary to reduce large bunions and repair foot deformities that have been causing the bunion to develop. This could involve realignment and repairing of the toe’s joints.

  • Other forms of support include orthotics which can help to reduce the pressure on toes. Orthotics can help to distribute pressure away from specific areas of your foot to allow for healing and pain relief.

Here at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, our podiatrist, Joel S. Segalman, DPM, has many years of experience treating bunions and can provide you with comprehensive treatment. Please contact us to make an appointment as we have two offices conveniently located in Waterbury & Newtown, CT. We can help you with your bunions and develop a treatment plan tailored to fit your specific needs; so, make the right move and get your toes back to being free of bunions!