Neuropathy Burns


Neuropathy involves the devastation of your autonomic, motor and sensory nerves in your feet. It produces a loss of sensation in your feet due to the nerve damage. It develops from physical traumas such as in accidents or falls. Furthermore, alcohol is another cause of concern as it has damaging effects on the nerves in your feet.

Symptoms of neuropathy include:

  • Aching and scorching pain

  • Numbness

  • Diminished coordination

  • Muscle exhaustion

Because neuropathy involves the nerves in your feet, the damage that it causes can produce random stages of discomfort. It is imperative that treatment is sought at the early stages of neuropathy as nerve damage is not reversible and can be lasting.

Ways to control neuropathy:

  • Decrease the amount of alcohol you consume to reduce symptoms as it has been shown to have a negative effect on nerves.

  • Use pain medications to reduce distress caused by the damaged nerves.

  • Take part in physical therapy as it can also help to reduce pain from damaged nerves.

  • Place orthotic devices in your shoes to reduce the burden put on the damaged nerves of your feet.

  • Another helpful method of treatment is the use of electric nerve stimulation which can assist in reducing pain emitted from the damaged nerves. This is done by putting electrodes on the area of the foot experiencing numbness.

  • Damaged nerves may need to undergo surgery for removal if they are causing sporadic pain that cannot be controlled by more common and conservative methods.

Neuropathy is a serious threat to the overall health of your feet because it involves the damage of nerves in your feet, which can have a broad amount of consequences. Here at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, our podiatrist, Joel S. Segalman, DPM, can treat your neuromas with due care and diligence that will have positive effects on your comfort. Please contact us to make an appointment as we have two offices conveniently located in Waterbury & Newtown, CT. We strive to provide the very best podiatry services in CT and invite you to allow us to render the treatment your feet deserve!