Ankle Fractures Try to Break Your Posture


Ankle fractures can be daunting and severely compromise your mobility due to the location of the break. They can be extremely painful since the ankle bone breaks and causes tenderness, swelling, immobility and numbness. There can be infections that occur due to the wound of an ankle fracture not being cared for appropriately. There can even be blistering or bruising on the ankle after it’s fractured.

As you know, mobility is deterred as the ankle is a vital part of the foot. In fact, this type of injury may result in your ankle bone penetrating the skin and sticking out due to the impact of the ankle bone breaking. This is one of those injuries that you will need to seek medical attention for as soon as possible to prevent future ankle weakness and to ensure complete healing.

How to Treat a Broken Ankle

  • Use foot support devices such as casts to restrict movement so that your ankle heals quickly.

  • Try not to bear weight on the ankle soon after the fracture.

  • Place ice on your ankle throughout the day to reduce swelling.

  • Use medicines to reduce pain and to fight off infections.

  • Elevate your fractured ankle to alleviate inflammation.

  • Immobilize your ankle to avoid irregular movements. Allowing your ankle to stay in one position during healing will prevent future harm to the area of the fracture site.

  • Get rest as often as possible.

  • Surgery may be required to place the ankle bones back in their correct location, to repair torn muscles or to fuse bones together to allow for optimal movement if there were multiple breaks when the ankle fractured.

Here at Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, our podiatrist, Joel S. Segalman, DPM, can examine why your fracture occurred, help to provide targeted treatment that allows your ankle to recover as quickly as possible and will assist with preventing it from occurring again! Please contact us to make an appointment as we have two offices conveniently located in Waterbury & Newtown, CT. We will do our best to help your ankle recover with ease.