Ankle Surgery May Seem Excessive but Sometimes It May Be Necessary


Ankle Surgery can be a wonderful procedure because it can have lasting effects but precautions are still needed since failure to do so could result in complications. Contact our office for an appointment today to make sure you’re preparing for your ankle surgery correctly.  

Those with ankle conditions that require surgery may have a variety of conditions that need medications in addition to surgery. The types of medicines should not be taken before or after surgery because they can be dangerous. Generally, aspirin should be stopped before surgery because it can increase bleeding during surgery which could result in complications and damage to other parts of the body. Anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, ibuprofen or Advil are also usually stopped before or after surgery because they hinder the body’s ability to clot blood and slow down bone healing, which can lead to fatalities during surgery or a very long and extended recovery period. Physical therapy will likely be required before and after surgery. It may be required prior to surgery to prepare patients to get them familiar with assistive devices or to improve their balance and strength. It will be required after surgery to aid with recovery and prevent the chances of re-injury. 

Diet is also very important with surgery since patients must only have as little food and liquid in their stomach as possible when anesthesia is administered prior to surgery. When someone eats or drinks, it can take up to eight hours for it to leave the stomach and enter the intestines. Therefore, patients should refrain from eating or drinking after midnight on the night before they have surgery to decreases nausea with anesthesia. Patients who have surgery in the hospital will likely stay there up to two nights after surgery for complex situations. Or, patients may have to stay after surgery if they have medical conditions that must be monitored.

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