Corns do not Bring Good Vibes to Your Foot Health


Corns are small in surface area and form on the skin of the foot. They become hardened due to the pressure exerted on them and are generally round. They can become painful since they press into skin on a deep level. Since they can be very painful, it’s a good idea to contact our office for an appointment if you are experiencing them. You shouldn’t avoid corns since complications can happen. Corns are generally more likely to form when toes are very slender and bony; or, for those that have deformities that allow for the skin of the foot to be pressed against the inside of shoes in a manner that promotes rubbing. 

Treatment for those of you experiencing corns is also of the utmost importance. The purpose of treatment is to primarily reduce pressure around the corn. This condition can be treated by our podiatrist, Dr. Joel S. Segalman, at the Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC. You can visit Dr. Segalman at our Waterbury & Newtown, Connecticut locations. 

Treatment may be accomplished by soaking feet in warm water or by minor surgical procedures performed by a medical professional such as using a scalpel to cut down the thickened skin of a corn. After these treatments are preformed, pain is significantly reduced since pressure is diminished. Medications may also be prescribed. There are different types of medicines that use a chemical known as salicylic acid to reduce the hardened skin on corns. After pain subsides, proper footwear is essential to prevent the reoccurrence of corns. It’s important to note that Dr. Segalman previously worked with the New York Kicks and currently works with a professional soccer team. This specialized experience allows him to provide an exceptional level of attention to your corns! These treatments will help you to peel or scrape away dead skin. Once the offending skin is removed, the corn will not be as protruding and therefore will not hit against the inside of your shoes. This reduced friction will allow for the skin to heal and more importantly, the corn won’t be put in a position to rub against the inside of your shoes.