Orthotics Can Leave Your Feet Feeling Gratified


Orthotics are a great tool for helping feet cope with complications. Our podiatrist, Dr. Joel S. Segalman, DPM can diagnose and treat this condition at the Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC. Please call or visit us at our Waterbury 203-755-0489 & Newtown 203-270-6724, Connecticut locations today.

Orthotics assist with keeping feet in a neutral position. This has an overall positive effect on how the rest of the body is aligned. These devices help to support the arch to avoid unequal weight spreading that can cause uneven pressure along the foot. These sources of pressure may lead to inflammation that can cause sizeable discomfort. Orthotics can help to spread your weight consistently along the foot, reduce pressure points and help the rest of the body to heal. Orthotics are placed in shoes, help to bring feet into line and will help to prevent injuries in athletes by guiding mobility in a safe manner during high intensity activities. They are especially helpful to combat pain in the heel, arch and ball of the foot. They help dispense pressure consistently along the foot for situations such as spending long periods of time standing.

Moreover, orthotics are helpful with:

  • Aligning the foot and ankle.
  • Stopping or fixing foot deformities.
  • Improving the overall function of the foot and ankle.                                                                                        

Dependent on the extent of your foot complication, it could take a fair amount of time for feet to get accustomed to the feeling of orthotics since they can manipulate the soles in ways not felt before. Any early uneasiness will eventually give way to relief of pain. While using these devices is certainly helpful, it is also important to walk without them when home to allow for the rest of the foot’s muscles to get sturdier without their assistance.

Orthotics can make a huge difference in mobility and provide a feeling of comfort to the feet. Their ability to reduce pressure and alleviate pain in feet is well worth it. So, please contact us today and we’ll do our best to have your feet feeling like their walking on clouds all day long!