Tendon Injuries Tend to Hurt


Tendons are bands of tissue that connect muscles to bone. Specifically, peroneal tendons in the foot extend parallel to the ankle whereby one attaches to the midfoot and the other attaches at the arch. These tendons provide stability to the foot and ankle which help to counteract the onset of sprains. Injuries to the peroneal tendon can occur out of nowhere or can develop over a certain period of time as a chronic condition. This type of injury usually occurs with those who are active in sports or those with high arches due to the stress placed on feet in unnatural ways. Injuries of the peroneal tendon include tendonitis (which is the occurrence of swelling of the tendons) or tears that can alter and change the actual shape of the foot, leading to even higher arches. Our podiatrist, Dr. Joel S. Segalman, DPM at the Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, will provide you with a great chance at helping your injured tendon recover to a strengthened state. Please call or visit us at our Waterbury 203-755-0489 & Newtown 203-270-6724, Connecticut locations today to learn more about this condition and many other ways that you can prevent your tendons from becoming reinjured.

Treatments for this condition include using a cast to hold the foot and ankle in a steady position to promote healing, medications such as anti-inflammatories to relieve pain and swelling,

physical therapy to make the tendon stronger and less prone to injury, ice or heat for reducing inflammation and pain. More significant and strenuous exercises can be taken on as the tendon heals in order to make the muscles stronger. Braces help to keep the tendon in a reduced state of motion when participating in activities such as jogging. Surgery may however be required to repair tendons or other supporting parts of the foot. Tendon injuries in the foot are serious because they can significantly reduce mobility and cause severe complications. Please contact our offices now for an in-depth consultation and a chance to reduce your tendon pain and bring stability back to your stride!