Foot Dislocation Can Dislodge Your Mobility


As you can imagine, foot dislocations are painful and involve the joints of the foot. They can be associated with foot fractures and require proper treatment and extended recovery times to prevent the injury from happening again. Our podiatrist, Dr. Joel S. Segalman, DPM at the Performance Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, will provide quality care to give your dislocated foot the best chance of a speedy and lasting recovery. Please call or visit us at our Waterbury 203-755-0489 & Newtown 203-270-6724, Connecticut locations today to learn more about this condition.

A Foot Dislocation is uncommon and generally happens from severe trauma as seen in car accidents or other high impact events. The foot is made up of the forefoot, midfoot and the hindfoot. When ligaments in the foot are severely injured, foot dislocations in the joint may occur and result in a separation of the joint surface and ligament damage. These types of severe traumas may also happen as someone lands in an abnormal way as well what direction the force is being applied to the foot.

Treatment is for this type of injury depends on the type of dislocation and any other complications that result from it. Pain is the most severe following the dislocation, and thereafter lessens after 3 months with surgery. Pain medications and anti-inflammatories are utilized heavily after dislocation to manage swelling. Antibiotics may be prescribed if there is an infection in the wound or if a fever develops. Casts may also be used for immobilization and to prevent the foot from dislocating again. However, surgery will likely be needed with foot dislocations caused by fractures. Surgery will make use of screws or plates to stabilize the foot.

Foot dislocations are not common, but can cause severe pain after sustaining them. Quick and proper treatment is needed to minimize complications and to ensure success through surgery.  If you’ve recently suffered a foot dislocation, please contact our offices immediately and we will develop the right treatment plan for your particular injury and give your foot a fighting chance once again!